Rotary Testimonials 

"Rotary’s 4-Way Test and its focus on “Service Above Self” attracted me right away.  The welcome I received the first time I visited as someone new to the community; the energy of the group; the family feel; and the breakfast meeting setting all drew me in."

"I initially attended a Rotary meeting at the urging of a colleague.  I immediately feel in love with the group and its mission.  The 4-Way Test provided a foundation for serving, and it guided and continues to guide all of my actions.  It serves as my guide and conscience.  I’m proud to give back to the community that I’m part of.  I’ve always enjoyed having my husband and children involved in the community activities.  It is a place where I can both give and feel grateful for the friendships made."

"The community service and being part of a group I can be proud of."

"I wanted to be part of a service bloc that connects with the community.  The fellowship is a positive aspect"

"I like that I meet many people from many different business fields I would not have otherwise met.  I liked what I learned about Rotary, its focus on international education, peace, health issues, clean water, property, children and women.  My parents were very much volunteer oriented in our community and that was my model when I grew up.  They taught their children to give back to society.  I like to do service and Rotary gives me that opportunity with people I like."

"I’m dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of people and our plant.  I am drawn to the philosophy, global view, alignment with the United Nation goals, areas of focus, inspiration that I draw from reading about other clubs and Rotarians in the Rotary magazine, orientation towards peace and goodwill, non-partisan/non-denominational/open to all mindsets, and diversity of people who come together to do good in the world.  I appreciate the opportunity to form connections and roots with my local community through Rotary, but that is secondary to serving the larger purpose for me.  I also value the professional development and lifelong learning.  That is made possible through rotary.  And I treasure the friendships that have arisen along the way. "

"I wanted to be part of a service club that connects with the community.  The fellowship is also a positive aspect."

"We all need to put back into our community and Rotary is one of my labors of love. "




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